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Printed Jersey Hijab: Italian Coyote

Printed Jersey Hijab: Italian Coyote

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Did you know that the name "coyote" has an Aztec origin? Nahuatl is the native language of the Aztecs of Mexico. The Nahuatl name for the animal was coyōtl, which the Spaniards transcribed as coyote. However, Coyōtl had a different transcription in English: cayjotte or cocyotie. Coyote only became the recognized name for the animal in the 1880s. Interesting, right?

Premium jersey hijab made in limited edition prints. Now available in two hijab styles! Select your style from the drop down menu. 

    Fabric content: 97% rayon/cotton; 3% Lycra 

    Color: Brown/granite/off white. Pattern placement may vary. Fabric imported from Italy.

    Feel: Mid/Lightweight - slightly weightier than the jersey hijabs made in Kuwait. Does not require an under cap. 

    Available styles: Slip-on or regular wrap style.

    Measurements: approx. 28" x 58". (compact length)

    Handmade in Seattle, WA. 

    Care instructions: Hand wash cold. Hang to dry. Never put in the dryer! Light iron on the back side of hijab. 

    Slip-on style: Sewn on one side, so they can be slipped on without securing them and then wrapped around the head or around the neck - your choice! 

    Made to order. Will ship within 7-10 business days from purchase date.


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