About me


When I embraced Islam in 1999, I realized very quickly how difficult it was to find modest attire especially for my corporate America life. In addition to everything in mainstream retail being short, tight and cropped, if I did find something more modest it was either very frumpy and matronly or didn’t represent me culturally. I loved wearing abayas to special events or to the mosque, but not at my day-job. This need is what prompted me to start my business in 2000. I started with importing a few scarves and abayas from Kuwait and quickly my business grew. I frequently partnered with two other local sisters who also had hijab businesses, and we took part in local Eid events and hosted many “hijab parties”.


It’s always been a labor of love for me and my business has ebbed and flowed with my personal and professional life. I really enjoy finding unique and practical hijabs and modest pieces for my fellow Muslim sisters. I also find immense gratification in creating unique accessories and jewelry to give all ladies a little something special to add to their everyday outfits. Call it “boho” or “hippie chic”, but I have always been drawn to a more eclectic and free spirited look.

In addition to providing items of high quality and unique style, I want to represent a more diverse group of women. I am here to present real women wearing my brand to show the everyday Muslim woman that she can look very chic and stylish without spending an hour doing her make-up or stressing about a few pounds or laugh lines.