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Limited Edition Crinkle Chiffon Hijab: Majestic Empress

Limited Edition Crinkle Chiffon Hijab: Majestic Empress

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This Majestic Empire chiffon hijab is an elegant masterpiece. It is simple and classy, like a majestic empress. 

Premium crepe chiffon hijab made in limited edition prints. 

    Fabric content: 100% polyester. 

    Color: Navy/ocean, blue/sea foam, green/multi print crinkle chiffon hijab.*

    FeelLight weight textrued crinkle chiffon. Semi-transparent. Easiest to wear with an under cap, pins and/or magnet. See hijab accessories.

    Available styles: Rectangular wrap only.

    Measurements: Rectangle = approx. 28" x 70".

    Handmade in Seattle, WA. 

    Care instructions: Hand wash cold. Hang to dry. Never put in the dryer!

    Made to order. Will ship within 7-10 business days from purchase date.

    *Colors of hijabs may vary based on computer screen, lighting, etc.


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