Hijabi Speaks From The Bench: World Hijab Day Poem

Yes, stop, pause, and do that double take

That Muslim girl covered flow is about to rake

Poised, graceful, and understated, perhaps

But she's cool to do air fist pumps and daps

So let’s stop the misinformation please

There are some stereotypes that need to be un-sleeved

That covered girl's name ends with an M.D.

See her on the front stage hosting as the ceremony mc

The name on the door you passed says Ph.D.

And her, over there, an engineer with two degrees

And yes, she, too is a proud hijabi

All rise, she is about to enter and rule

On your feet, that covered woman, is the judge, fool

Or maybe she is nursing an infant and changing the other

There is no role that supersedes that of the Muslim mother

Covered or not, this hijabi flow is self-defined

You label your identity and I will label mine

Silk, chiffon, satin, jersey - these are the fabrics of my choice

Wearing my hijab is the expression of my voice

So yes, stop, pause, and do that double take

What you see is a product of decisions I make

All rise, the judge is about to enter

Look at the hijabi at the front and center

The loose drape, tassel, a side twist, or Turkish wrap

I know it's pretty but don’t touch or we'll have to scrap

Turban, top knot, classic, casual chic, or the criss cross

Whatever the style, the woman in the hijab is the boss

So let’s stop the misinformation please

There are some stereotypes that need to be un-sleeved

This hijab is not a sign of my silence or oppression

Nor does it defy feminism and signify some sort of suppression

My hijab is a symbol of my unqualified right to just be

To exist in my body and in my form as just me

To be received by the world on the merits of my talent and skill

And to demonstrate my faith that I move at Allah's will

On this International Hijab day, I hope your understanding will grow

But in the mean time, I’ll keep rocking with my hijabi flow

Written by The Honorable Judge Andrea S. Jarmon
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